Gellerman Global is focused on keeping your organization secure, and we have experience in all aspects of the Security Lifecycle. Security is a never-ending process, and a poor architecture puts you at risk. Whether you have a new project, or support for an existing one, Gellerman Global can help.


Gellerman Global combines software engineering and security best practices to deliver a product that is scalable, secure, and easy to use. Whether this is a final product or a prototype, we make sure that your requirements are met without compromising your data and intellectual property.


our process

  • Discuss product, privacy, and compliance requirements
  • Establish budget, time, and system constraints
  • Develop the product, iteratively over weekly or bi-weekly cycles
  • Deliver a solid, complete, and secure product


Gellerman Global utilizes the latest tools and techniques to find security gaps in your existing infrastructure. From network scanning to code review, we look at every aspect to identify areas through which malicious users can penetrate the system.


our approach

  • Scan network for open or improperly configured ports
  • Determine if users have access to restricted information
  • Find issues in code that cause security gaps
  • Test for security flaws in software and hardware


Gellerman Global reviews your organization's infrastructure against common security principles. The infrastructure in place will be extended to cover the entire organization, and various monitoring tools used to detect threats will allow all your components to function in sync.


our System

  • Synchronize security approach across entire ecosystem
  • Maintain software and firmware upgrades
  • Conduct security reviews and audits
  • Respond to attacks and threats, 24/7