How To #1: Subscribing to blogs using RSS

Blogs often provide multiple ways for readers to subscribe, usually including an e-mail newsletter and an RSS feed.

In our experience, e-mail is often too aggressive. You may not always be in the mood to read a blog, and having it appear in your inbox when you're not interested often leads to it being ignored or deleted.

Instead, we offer the ability to subscribe via RSS. RSS is more passive - you install an RSS feed reader, and any updates to the blog are automatically added to the feed. You are then able to browse them at will, and are notified with each update, instead of with a weekly newsletter.

To subscribe to an RSS feed you must first install an RSS feed reader application. We recommend Feedly. We are not affiliated with Feedly in any way.

iPhone and iPad: Feedly for iOS

Android: Feedly for Android

Windows, Linux, and Mac: Feedly in your Browser

After doing so, find the RSS link of the blog, like ours, open the application or extension, paste the URL, and press add. From then on, any updates to the feed will be visible in the application.

Many websites will provide a link to their RSS, like we do here: